Turn Minutes into Money with the “Money Moments” Method
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Running a doula business is a juggling act, right? Between clients, families, and everything else, who has time to focus on growing a business? That’s where “Money Moments” come in. It’s not about working more, it’s about making every minute you do work really count.

What Exactly Are “Money Moments”?

Think of “Money Moments” as those pockets of time you can dedicate to activities that directly bring in money – we’re talking turning minutes into money. These actions build trust with potential clients and help your business blossom.

Why This Works (Even When You’re Short on Time)


      • Builds Trust: Regularly connecting with potential clients – whether it’s a quick message, email, or social media post – shows you’re present and invested. People buy from those they trust.

      • Laser Focus: Instead of spreading yourself thin, an hour (or even just a few minutes!) of focused, money-making tasks is crazy effective.

      • It’s Scalable: As you start earning more, you can hire help, giving you even more time to focus on growing your business.

    How to Rock Your “Money Moments”


        1. Identify Your Money Makers: What tasks directly lead to income? Think: following up with potential clients, posting on social media, responding to inquiries, or networking.

        1. Schedule It In: Consistency is key. Block out a specific time each day or week for these activities, even if it’s just 15 minutes at a time.

        1. Track Your Progress: Keep a simple log of what you do during your “Money Moments” and the results you see. This helps you figure out what’s working best.

      Short on Time? Try the “Money Moments” Breakdown:


          • 1 Minute: Quick replies to inquiries, sharing a helpful resource on social media, or liking/commenting on a relevant post.

          • 5 Minutes: Short follow-up messages, updating your availability online, or brainstorming content ideas.

          • 15 Minutes: Drafting a blog post, recording a quick video tip, or engaging meaningfully in a Facebook group.

          • 30 Minutes: Conducting a virtual consultation, outlining a marketing campaign, or working on your website.

        Keep a list of these “Money Minute” tasks handy so you can tackle them whenever you have a spare moment.

        Remember: You’ve Got This!

        Building a thriving doula business doesn’t require working around the clock. By focusing on value-adding activities and using your time strategically, you can achieve incredible growth. Keep connecting, keep showing up, and watch your business thrive – one “Money Moment” at a time.

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