How Prompt Responses Can Secure Your Next Doula Client
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One of the most common complaints I hear from families is that they struggle to have doulas call them back when leaving inquiries about their services. Imagine the cocktail of excitement and anxiety that expectant families feel when they take the significant step of reaching out to a doula for support during one of the most transformative periods of their lives. In this moment, every hour counts, and missed inquiries can result in more than just lost opportunities; they can add unnecessary stress to families eagerly seeking support and guidance. 

For doulas, responsiveness is not just about business growth—it’s about building trust and providing reassurance from the very first contact. I want to offer you some practical advice as a long-time doula to ensure you are always accessible and responsive, setting the stage for successful relationships with your clients.

The Importance of Quick Replies

Responding to inquiries within 24 hours isn’t just good doula business practice; it’s a critical component of establishing a relationship based on trust and reliability. A prompt reply sends a clear message: you are ready, willing, and able to support the family through their pregnancy and postpartum. This speed in communication can significantly influence a family’s decision to choose you as their doula, showcasing your professionalism and dedication right from the start.

Ensuring Accurate Contact Information

The foundation of effective communication is accurate and up-to-date contact information. It’s essential to review and verify your details across all platforms regularly—your website, social media profiles, and business cards—to ensure potential doula clients can easily reach you. Simple steps like this can prevent missed connections and demonstrate your attention to detail, a quality every doula should embody.

The Role of Working Links in Client Communication

In the digital age, a broken link can be a significant barrier to access. Routine checks of all links in your emails, social media bios, and on your website are crucial to ensure that potential clients have a smooth experience when trying to learn more about your services or reach out for a consultation. There are even ways to automate this is you have a large site. A well-maintained digital presence reflects your professionalism and makes it easier for families to connect with you.

Daily Email Checks – A Must for Doulas

Email remains a primary mode of communication for many families seeking doula services. Regularly checking your inbox ensures that you don’t miss any inquiries, allowing you to respond promptly. Setting aside specific times each day for email review or utilizing email management tools can help you maintain an organized inbox and manage your time effectively. For times when you can’t be present – you can have an out-of-office reply. Some doulas even have an out-of-office reply turned on to say something like: “Thanks for the email – I’ll respond soon. I might be at a birth! “

Automating Responses Without Losing the Personal Touch

Utilizing autoresponders for emails and direct messages can help maintain a line of communication with potential doula clients, even when you’re not immediately available. The key is to craft an auto-reply that feels personal and welcoming, providing essential information and guiding them to your website for more details. This approach keeps the conversation going and reassures clients that their message is valued.

Voicemail – Your Unsung Ally in Client Communication

A warm and inviting voicemail message can be a powerful tool in building a connection with potential clients. Crafting a message that reassures callers of their importance and provides clear directions on how to proceed or where to find more information can enhance their experience and perception of your services. However, it’s not enough to have voicemail, you also have to check it frequently.

If you do not listen to your personal messages frequently, you may need to find out if you can subscribe to visual voice mail  – where you receive an email when someone leaves a message. I leave this turned on – even if I listen. That lets me preview what the call was about to be prepared when I respond.

Building Trust from the First Contact

Each of these strategies plays a vital role in establishing a trustworthy and professional image from the first interaction. Being accessible and responsive is crucial to building meaningful relationships with families seeking doula services. Every inquiry is an opportunity to support and reassure an excited or anxious family, setting the foundation for a positive and supportive partnership.

Take a moment to review your current communication practices and consider making adjustments to enhance your responsiveness.

Sharing this post with fellow doulas can also help spread the importance of timely communication, benefiting more families and doulas alike.



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