Know When It’s Time to Raise Your Doula Rate
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Let’s chat about something that can feel a little awkward: raising your rates. It’s crucial for your business, but it can be tough to know when and how to do it. 

Signs It’s Time for a Change:

      • You’re booked solid: If you’re constantly turning clients away because your calendar is jammed, that’s a HUGE green light to consider a rate increase. High demand often means it’s time to adjust your pricing.

      • You’re practically giving your services away: Take a good look at your rates. Are you charging significantly less than other doulas in your area with similar experience? You deserve to be compensated fairly for your expertise.

      • Your business expenses are creeping up: From gas money to continuing education, the costs of running your doula business can add up. If your expenses are increasing, your rates should reflect that.

      • You haven’t raised your rates in over a year (yes, really!): Think of it like this: the cost of, well, everything tends to go up over time. Your rates should too! Regular rate increases, even small ones, help you stay ahead of the curve.

    Making the Move:

        • Do your research: Check out what other doulas in your area are charging. Look at their experience levels and the services they offer. This will give you a good benchmark.

        • Don’t undervalue yourself: Remember, you’re not just offering your time; you’re offering invaluable support, knowledge, and experience. Price yourself accordingly!

        • Communicate clearly and confidently: When you do decide to raise your rates, be upfront and transparent with both current and potential clients. Explain that your new rates reflect your experience and the value you bring.

      Easing the Transition:

          • Pick a date: It is as simple as picking a date, I usually like to go a few months in the future, and say – all contracts signed after such and such date will reflect the new rate.
          • Grandfathering in existing clients: Consider offering your current clients your old rate for a set period of time as a thank you for their loyalty. Be careful to not make this too long of a period. An alterative is to offer a small discount off the new rate.

          • Payment plans: Offering payment plans can make your services more accessible and ease the financial burden on clients.

          • Focus on the value you provide: When talking to potential clients about your rates, emphasize the unique benefits you bring to their birth experience.

        Raising your rates is a normal and necessary part of running a successful doula business. By knowing your worth, communicating clearly, and making the transition smooth for your clients, you can confidently charge what you deserve and continue to provide exceptional support to birthing families.

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