Crafting the Perfect Welcome Pack for New Doula Clients
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Congratulations! You’ve been chosen as a doula, and a new client has welcomed you into their journey. A well-crafted welcome pack can not only provide essential information and resources but also reinforce the trust and commitment your clients have placed in you. Remember, this isn’t a marketing tool for potential clients; it’s a tailored, informative, and comforting package for individuals who have already decided to work with you.

1. Personalized Welcome Letter: Begin with a warm, personalized letter. Express your gratitude and excitement about working together. Reiterate your commitment to supporting them throughout their journey and your appreciation for being chosen to be part of such a personal experience.

2. Clear Contact Information and Communication Guidelines: Detail how and when you can be reached for non-emergencies, and explain how to get in touch with you urgently if needed. Include information about contacting your backup doula, outlining when and why they might need to do so. This is crucial for setting and maintaining clear, healthy boundaries from the outset. I also like to add multiple business cards. It encourages sharing. I even say, “You’re welcome to give one to your practitioner in case they would like to talk to me, with your permission, of course.”

3. Detailed Description of Your Services: Now that they’ve committed to your services, provide a comprehensive breakdown of what you offer. Explain the process, what’s included in their package, any additional services available, and what they can expect during each phase of your engagement.

4. Educational Materials: Supply them with trusted educational materials tailored to their needs. This might include articles, booklets, or access to online resources that align with your philosophy and approach, offering valuable insights and preparation for what’s ahead.

5. Customized FAQs Sheet: Create a list of frequently asked questions specific to your practice and their journey. Include practical information like how to prepare for sessions, what to expect during different stages, and how to best utilize your services. Adding the non-emergency contact protocol here can preemptively address common concerns and reinforce boundaries. 

6. Testimonials and Success Stories: Share anonymized testimonials and success stories from past clients to build confidence and comfort, demonstrating the positive impact of your support and care.

7. Curated List of Recommended Local Resources: Offer a curated list of local resources, such as prenatal classes, support groups, and healthcare professionals. This not only supports their broader needs but also connects them to the community, enhancing their support network.

8. Thoughtful Welcome Gift: Include a small, thoughtful gift, such as a relaxation item, self-care product, or journal. This gesture can make clients feel especially valued and cared for. Some people add a small lotion or tea packet.

Put all of this together in a nice folder, maybe one that has your brand colors or even stickers on it. 

Your welcome pack is the first step in deepening the trust and connection with your new clients. It’s an opportunity to reassure them, provide valuable resources, and set the tone for your professional relationship. By clearly communicating your availability, services, and the care you’ll provide, you’re reinforcing their decision to choose you as their doula and setting the stage for a positive and supportive experience.

Think back to when you first started working with a service provider who went the extra mile. What did they do that made you feel cared for and supported?


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