8 Tips for Better Doula Client Communications
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As a new doula, building a strong foundation with your clients through effective communication is crucial for your success and their comfort. This post will guide you through professionalizing your contact methods, setting boundaries, engaging on social media, and personalizing your approach to ensure you’re building lasting, trusting relationships with your clients.

1. Professional Contact Information: First impressions matter. Ensure your email address reflects your professionalism; avoid whimsical or personal handles. Consider using a service like Google Voice for your business calls. It not only protects your personal time but also helps you maintain a professional demeanor.

2. Setting Communication Boundaries: Clear communication boundaries are essential. Establish and communicate your availability to clients — make it known that non-emergency inquiries should respect your personal time. This isn’t just about preventing burnout; it’s about ensuring each client interaction is thoughtful and focused.

3. Social Media Strategy: Social media is a powerful tool for building relationships with potential and current clients. Consistency is more crucial than frequency. Choose platforms that suit your style and audience — Instagram might be great for visuals and stories, while Facebook might be better for community discussions. Engage your audience with simple interactions and be sure to monitor and respond to messages regularly.

4. Utilizing Templates and Scripts: Prepare templates and scripts for common communications. Whether it’s responding to inquiries, sending follow-up emails, or providing resources, having a template saves time and ensures consistency. This doesn’t mean your communications should be impersonal; rather, it provides a structure from which you can personalize each message.

5. Managing High Demand: During busy periods, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Rely on your prepared scripts and clear communication boundaries. Use tools like email schedulers and auto-responders to manage expectations and keep communications flowing smoothly.

6. Maintaining Professionalism Online: Online interactions should always be professional. For more sensitive or detailed discussions, guide clients from social media to email. This ensures privacy, keeps records, and maintains the professionalism that texting or direct messaging might lack.

7. Handling Urgent Communications: For urgent matters, nothing beats real-time conversations. Encourage clients to call or video chat when they have immediate concerns, especially when assessing labor signs. This not only provides quick resolution but also strengthens the client-doula relationship with personal contact.

8. Personalizing Your Approach: Every client is different, and your communication should reflect that. Consider their preferences, needs, and the nature of your services when choosing how to interact. As you gain experience, you’ll learn to read what works best for each client, adjusting your approach accordingly.

Effective communication is more than just talking or emailing; it’s about building trust, respecting boundaries, and being accessible. As you grow in your doula practice, continually reflect on and improve your communication strategies. Your ability to connect with and support your clients is not just good for business; it’s at the heart of what it means to be a doula.

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