6 Essential Reels Every Doula Needs for Their Business
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In today’s digital age, engaging with your audience online is more crucial than ever, and reels have emerged as a powerful tool to do just that. For doulas, these short, dynamic videos are not just about showcasing services; they’re about connecting with potential clients on a personal level, educating the community, and sharing the profound impact of your work. 

Reels allow you to bring your unique voice and expertise to the forefront, helping to build trust and rapport even before the first meeting. Whether you’re illustrating the day-to-day realities of doula work, sharing success stories, or answering burning questions, reels provide an accessible and creative way to enhance your online presence and demonstrate the compassionate, supportive essence of your practice.

1. About You: Who You Are and Why You Doula

Introduce yourself and share your journey into doula work.
Suggested Clips:

      • A welcoming smile directly into the camera.

      • Flashback images or clips from your training or early career.

      • Moments of interaction with clients or community engagement.

    2. What You Do: Services That Support and Encourage

    Detail the services you offer, showcasing how you tailor your approach for each family.
    Suggested Clips:

        • You conducting a prenatal class or offering postpartum support.

        • Hands-on visuals, like preparing tools or comforting a client.

        • Displaying visual testimonials or notes of thanks from clients.

      3. What’s in Your Bag: Tools of the Trade

      Reveal what you carry to a birth and explain the purpose of each item.
      Suggested Clips:

          • Unpacking your doula bag item by item.

          • Close-ups of each tool, highlighting detail and use.

          • Demonstrations of how specific tools are used in practice.

        4. A Day in Your Life: Follow Me Around

        Let viewers follow a typical day, from preparation to client visits.
        Suggested Clips:

            • A time-lapse of your morning preparations.

            • Traveling to client homes or healthcare facilities.

            • Various client interactions, showcasing the range of your daily activities.

          5. Your Success Stories: Celebrating Milestones

          Share stories where you’ve significantly impacted your clients’ experiences.
          Suggested Clips:

              • Before-and-after scenarios showing your calming influence.

              • Emotional reactions from families, maintaining privacy.

              • Celebratory moments, such as clients mastering techniques you’ve taught.

            6. Ask Me Anything: Engaging with Your Community

            Answer common questions and engage with your audience directly.
            Suggested Clips:

                • Reading and answering questions from a device.

                • Visual aids related to your answers, like short clips or images.

                • Viewer interaction prompts for more questions or desired topics.

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