17 Must-Have Apps to Simplify Your Doula Business
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Running a doula business is no walk in the park. You’re constantly juggling client support, administrative tasks, and your own self-care. But here’s the good news: there are tons of apps out there that can make your life a whole lot easier.

In this post, we’ll walk you through 19 apps that every doula should have in their back pocket. These tools are designed to help you stay organized, connect with your clients, and even find some time for yourself. Let’s jump right in!

  1. Canva – Create eye-catching graphics for your website and social media, no design skills needed.
  2. GoodNotes – Take notes during client meetings and keep everything organized in one place.
  3. Brain.fm – Play special music that helps you focus during work or relax during downtime.
  4. Found*- Keep track of your business finances and expenses without the headache.
  5. Doulado *- Manage your client info, scheduling, and payments all in one spot. Try it for 50% off.
  6. Zoom – Connect with your clients virtually, no matter where they are.
  7. Headspace – Take a few minutes each day to meditate and recharge your batteries.
  8. Capcut – Make engaging videos to share on social media and showcase what you do. Desktop & phone versions.
  9. MileIQ – Track your mileage automatically when you travel to client visits.
  10. MommyMeds – Look up medication safety info to better support your clients.
  11. Trello – Organize your to-do lists and client info in a way that makes sense to you. (Psst…Airtable* and Notion are great options, too!)
  12. Dropbox – Securely store and share important files with your clients and team.
  13. Insight Timer – Access a huge library of guided meditations and calming music.
  14. Bitly – Create short, easy-to-share links for your resources and content.
  15. Grammarly – Make sure your writing is clear, correct, and professional every time.
  16. Calendly – Let your clients schedule appointments directly from your website or social posts. Free and paid versions. I use a similar one called TidyCal, $29 for life.
  17. Wave – Manage your invoicing, accounting, and expenses for free.
  18. ThriveCart* – easy way to collect money for doula services, classes, or digital products. Integrates with lots to make it easy for clients.
  19. FloDesk* –  makes it easy to create stunning email newsletters. Plus, workflows and audience segmentation features help you send the right message to the various clients you may have (CBE, postpartum, birth, lactation, etc.).

Adding these apps to your doula toolkit can be a total game-changer. They’ll help you cut down on busywork and free up more time and energy for supporting your clients (and yourself!).

But here’s the thing: you don’t have to start using all 17 apps at once. Take a look at your biggest pain points and start with the tools that can help you tackle those first. As you get more comfortable, you can add in more apps to streamline other parts of your business.

And don’t forget, you’re not in this alone! Reach out to other doulas to swap app recommendations and tips. We’re all in this together, working to make a difference for our clients and communities.

So go ahead and give these apps a try. With a little help from technology (and a lot of heart), you’ve got this whole doula business thing handled.



*Affiliate link: I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through this link, at no additional cost to you.


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