Empowering birth journeys, one online course at a time.

Whether you’re just starting our on your doula journey or you’ve been in practice for awhile, there are many ways to organize and market your business to stand out as a preferred provider. 

Meet Robin Elise Weiss, an accomplished doula offering practice enriching online courses for doulas and birth workers. With her vast expertise and practical wisdom, Robin’s courses guide you through the hands-on and business side of the birth world, providing the education and support you need to grow a sustainable practice — from the comfort of your home.

A doula supports a family during a cesarean birth.
Doulas provide support to families in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods.

Empower Births, Enrich Lives: Your Doula Journey Starts Here.

Our library of doula practice-enhancing courses provides  comprehensive instruction and training for those interested in starting or up-leveling their own doula business. These courses cover topics such as marketing, financial management, and client relations, allowing individuals to build a strong foundation for their doula business.

Doctors use a service fee calculator to save money on health insurance, drug cost concepts.

Confidently Set Your Doula Fee

Master the art of setting your rates with our comprehensive course designed to align your fees with your personal business goals.

Two black women sitting down on the couch having an interview in a conversation

Master the Doula Interview

Designed to boost your confidence, give you an edge over competition, and increase your hire rate.

A pregnant person interviews a doula.

Master the Doula Prenatal

Discover the secrets to mastering doula prenatal meetings: empower your clients and elevate your practice.

Doula Business Course

A course that provides actionable steps to streamline your business, leaving you free to focus on your clients.

TENS for

Understand the mechanism, benefits, and drawbacks, and explore how to incorporate TENS into your practice.

Birth Planning Session

Use birth planning sessions as a way to let people try your services before committing to doula packages.

Lactation for Doulas

Join us to learn the basics of lactation as a part of the Lactation for Birth

Pregnant woman checking social media

365 Social Media Library for Doulas

A curated source of quality articles for childbirth education and doula clients to help you streamline your posts.

A doula and partner help a birther through a water birth.

Water Birth for Doulas

Explore why its is beneficial, tips on making water birth comfortable, information on using showers in labor, and much more!

Doula does the tug of war with a client who is pushing in labor.

Ready to dive into the incredible world of childbirth support? The Birth Doula Training Program is just the spot for you. With our all-encompassing curriculum, you’ll learn everything there is to know, from practical skills to emotional connections. And the best part? You’ll be learning hands-on with experienced doulas who’ve been there and done that. Explore pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, benefit from early bird discounts and flexible payment plans.

Meet Robin Elise Weiss.

I understand how it feels not to know the next step in becoming a doula.

Having trained thousands of doulas and childbirth educators and attended over 1200 births in hospitals, birth centers, and home births – I’ve seen so many different ways that birth happens and what it takes to be the right doula at the right time. Let me help you.

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Investing in a doula course ...

… is the first step towards a fulfilling career, providing you with crucial knowledge and hands-on skills to support families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

You’ll gain valuable insights into pregnancy, birth, lactation, and more, positioning you as a reliable resource for new parents.

Don’t delay; invest in your future and make a difference in countless lives by enrolling in our comprehensive doula course today.

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