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Cyber Monday is here!

If you missed out on all the fun of the Black Friday Week Deals – Cyber Monday is your saving grace.

24 hours only you can get a chance at all the deals I offered last week. 


Something for Every Doula

Only good for 24 Hours!

Back Up Doulas

Everything you ever wanted to know about back up doula support and relationships in one course. From how to find a back up to figuring out how to talk to your clients about a back up and so much more! This includes 1 CE from DONA International. Plus a bonus Back Up Doula Check List! 

Bonus Good Only Cyber Monday

As a doula myself, I’ve experienced the struggles and uncertainties that come with interviews. That’s why I’ve put together a course that shares practical tips and techniques to help you learn how to ace your client interviews.  You’ll also receive a limited time bonus an intake form to use with all those new clients you’re going to sign! Course offers 2 CE from DONA International.

Bonus Good Only Cyber Monday

Doula Business Basics

This program shows you how to become a great doula business owner and provides amazing support along the way. We help doulas who are frustrated with the business aspects of their practice by giving them easy-to-digest, actionable, repeatable steps to streamline and simplify business maintenance allowing them to focus on the true heart of their business – their clients. The Doula Business Basics Course is a unique training program designed for doulas who want to follow a proven business model and are ready for growth in their business. This bonus is a really amazing opportunity – you get an hour long consultation to focus on YOUR business, 1 on 1. Limited to the first 10 customers. Course offers 4 CE from DONA International.

Bonus Good Only Cyber Monday

365 Social Media

This isn’t a course, but it is a treasure trove! If you have ever opened up your blog or social media screen and wasted time trying to figure out what to post about.  Have you gone weeks without posting because you didn’t have the energy or time to find a good article to post? Not only do you get all of this but the bonus is a social media audit to help you figure out what you need for your social media AND a years worth of prompts, and more.

Bonus Good Only Cyber Monday

TENS for Doulas

Electrify your doula business by adding TENS to your doula bag. As a bonus you’ll get social media templates and a client info sheet. This course has 2 CE from DONA International. The bonus is a client information sheet to share with your clients or potential clients about TENS in labor and social media templates to help you advertise and monetize your new skill!

Bonus Good Only Cyber Monday

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Easier than hip squeezes

This is a no brainer

Robin Elise Weiss has been a successful doula for over 30 years. She’s taught and mentored thousands of new and experienced doulas at every stage of business. Let her help you boost your doula business.

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I’ve helped thousands of Doulas

You could be one of them… - Doula Education for after your doula training.


Birth Doula


I just got to use my TENS unit with my first client yesterday and she said it was an absolute game changer! She credited it completely with being able to stay home as long as she did before heading into the hospital. I felt really empowered being able to show her how to use it and having that tool on hand for her. VERY glad I took your training!! - Doula Education for after your doula training.


Birth Doula


“I nailed yet another interview tonight! This was my 3rd interview since purchasing, and they just keep going better and smoother! I am naturally an awkward/nervous person and you’ve given me so much confidence. Many thanks! “ - Doula Education for after your doula training.


Postpartum Doula


“I used to dread doing social media and it showed. No more! I love knowing just what to post – it makes my life so much easier.️ I can just pick a topic, go to the library and find a great link that is already vetted!”

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This Cyber Monday Special is a bit different than most. You might have questions.

You purchase one of the courses/products during the 24 hours of its special and you get a bonus. *

*  The Doula Business Basics Course bonus is only available to the first ten customers on that day.

There is a payment plan available for products over $100. You can choose which you wish to use, as all plans include bonuses.

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